According to research, on the average we spend almost 1/3 of our lives at our working place. I find my workplace fun. I am always learning yet earning at the same time.

At the age 23, I already had three different jobs and met different people to deal with. Every person is unique in their own way particularly in the complexity of their character. However, the term ‘unique’ is sometimes misleading. The truth is that everyone of us has come across unpleasant people of various types and degrees in our personal and profession lives, and I bet you won’t like to call them unique (jerks, perhaps?!). However, I am writing this article not to share my worst scenario dealing with those jerks a.k.a ‘Unique’ people but instead the different types of people I worked with.

Although it is indeed wrong to resort to such arbitrary means of categorizing and pigeon-holing personality types, it’s just a bit of fun doing such. Please be noted that there is no scientific validation for my claims. The following ‘Types’ are based on my own experiences and observations.

1. The Bitch that can turn into Witch

This kind of people frequently found slamming the door and other things on their desk. They also found huffing and puffing because something just hasn’t gone their way. When you did something not pleasing for them, they immediately raise they eyebrows to show the disapproval.

The Bitch-ish kind of people is the one who suppress the visible signs of anger. Hence you have to learn the art of seething the fury under the surface otherwise you are just adding fuel into fire and letting them transform into Witch.

​2. The Pessimistic Foible Expert

These kind of people are one of the worst people you will encounter. They are not Pessimistic because they are more and more than that.  It seems that the value of beauty totally escapes them.  They are just very cynical and tend to see the negative side of #everything hence they are ready for comments every now and then.

The good thing is that they able help us to see issues and problems that others might not but the bad thing is that those are not valuable in the work place.

3. The Camel during the Hump Day a.k.a the Clowns

The Clowns are the very best people you will have in your office. They are good lifting the mood of people especially during Mondays. This kind of person are also perfectly great in personifying co-worker and when they tell you stories, they will narrate it with actions and feelings.

So does your office is in gloomy and ill-illuminated office space? We’ll you better get some Clown.

4. The Bibo Kid, The Bonna Kid or Batang may Laban

This is usually the newbie who always looking for a career booster. They are always present, render overtime, interested to learn and ready for challenges.  They are eager to finish with the task given to them. Being enthusiastic and energetic are their best attitudes in the workplace which can get them ahead of other.

5. Dora the Explorer

There’s always someone hungry for vacation though they just had their vacation leave.  I used to work with someone who always has scenic stories. He/she might have been into beach, mountain or cave.  They save up money for their next travel and surely has a bucket list.

Looking for a venue where to spent your birthday? Vacation? Or family gathering? Ask them. They can surely give you suggestions.

6. The Party Animal

Regardless if it’s Monday or  wid-week, the Party Animal will come in, regaling you with tales about their party  and alcohol induced debauchery and will always tell you a story about how they woke up in a dumpster, wearing a diaper or some other ridiculous story.

They’re always organizing social events and are great to turn to if you want to learn about the social activities in the area. Know someone like this?

7. The Reserved One

I know some like this, the reserved one are likely the one who comes in, do their job and go home. Being with this kind of people are sometimes weird. No upheaval, no inconvenience and certainly no social events, thank you.

8. The Walking Encyclopedia

The Walking Encyclopedia a.k.a Knows-It-All Person. They are extremely knowledgeable or experienced about everything however there is seemed underlying insecurity within them.  They are one who makes it appear as if they’re an expert on a subject while there are also signals (subtly or blatantly noticeable) that this person doesn’t know very much on the subject or at least pretending to have much knowledge on a subject matter.

9. The Girl Scout Wannabe

The Walking Encyclopedia may have always something on their mind but the Girl Scout Wannabe has everything in their Bag Pack. This people seemed has superpowers for they can anticipate what items/ materials will be needed.  I have an officemate who has variety of stuff with her, seriously! Need some Dental Floss? Toothpick? Insect Repellant? Snacks? Ask the Girl Scout Wannabe!!

Have I missed any types out?

Which do you think you are?

Published by Jooown ♥