I couldn’t see the amber light

You left me when you said; ‘goodbye’

Like a Spartan child atop the trestle bridge

Gone, for good, forgotten


It turned to red that day of

Undue tragedy – too ill to tell –

Too sorrowful to reminisce

Yet committed to a swell of happiness


Despair had come to share the load –

A toil with loss that I could hold, but barely

Released only on a newborn’s cry

Desiring life, unknowingly


Bring your joy upon a treatise

Written in solitude, in solitary

Music’s catchphrase from tube with holes

Caught accepting of a world, contrary


Disregard disaster, discard sorrow

The angel passing by my shadow, follows

Lending always, unto amber –

The greenest hue of light will come –


Published by Owen Tilley