Honoring God is something which varies from person to person, it is depending upon your level of understanding, your faith, your background, your lifestyle, beliefs and trust.  There are many different ways to honor god but here we have discovered three major ways and most frequently followed and used by many people to honor god. God don't want human to honor him but it is the most important principle that God deserves from us. Jesus Christ always taught us that honoring and accepting him as God else all your efforts will be in vain.

Many of us honor God in various ways such as providing our precious time for God and its creation, donating money for support in church and such religious places where social activities are carried out, attend preaching, promoting pious activities, serving others, showing gratitude, etc. We honor people by looking their personality, popularity, position in the market and their contribution towards success and not on the basis of their actual performance and efforts.

Bible has presented many ways to honor and glorify God. But here I am presenting three most important ways to honor God and those are 1) Serve Mentally 2) Serve Physically 3) Serve Financially.  To help you in this regard, I am presenting here in detail how we can honor god by giving our precious time money and energy. Stop for a while and just think about God, Jesus Christ and Divine soul, you will feel eternal peace during this moment.

1.Serve Mentally:

Bowing down to God is one of the best way to honor god using your entire body, this is a sign of respect towards elder and unique personalities.  However, you can spread more and more message of Jesus Christ and its teachings in public via any source you have with you, this is again a great work which will directly impact mankind. Treat every day as a special surprise provided to you by God and thank him for all those blessings.

3.Serve Physically:

Helping and serving others is one of the popular way among kind people. Start from small and limited level of helpful acts for others with free will without any intension of selfish wish or getting an attention of others. This you can do anywhere and anytime in your everyday life, whereas giving time to some needy or someone in need irrespective of his/her current status or position.  Foremost priority and responsibility is towards family and we must give them time whenever they are in need.  However, there is one more act i.e. forgiveness which you can do, although it is very difficult but it will make you a true follower of god. Do not afraid of volunteering for some of your local social non-profit organization or Churches near your location. However, if you are in Leeds then you can definitely visit atleast make one visit to the Church in Roundhay and Church in Chapeltown

3.Serve Financially:

Whether you are rich or poor it does not matter how you serve and honor god financially.  Rich people will give more amount than poor one but ultimate objective and goal behind serving financially is to satisfy one's own will and soul. It does not matter how much amount you give as donation or for the welfare of society but how many smiles it will bring is more important.

At last we have numerous ways to honor God, it depends of everyone's personal choice how he/she want to serve and honor God.  Anyways it is very hard to honor and glorify god who is so powerful and great than any other creature in the universe even in the Bible there are many verses who will guide you various ways to honor God with proper instructions hence listen your heart and soul to decide what feels your more satisfied.

Published by knorr kendra