Every so often I find myself perusing the Google Play Store in search of a new mobile game to play (more like become horrendously addicted to). It was on one of these hunts that I discovered Gameloft‘s Disney Magic Kingdoms game.

What I love about this app is that it is a Disney-themed, casual game. In a way, I would relate it to The Simpson’s Tapped Out as it is a task-oriented, city-builder game. However, Disney Magic Kingdoms includes more involved background story to it; villains attempt to destroy kingdom and heroes must fight to save the kingdom from the curse.

As the player works their way through the game. They gradually work towards pushing back the cursed areas and revealing the park … one section at a time. Simultaneously, as the player goes, more and more attractions are unlocked. So, as you can imagine, the whole game would take a very long time for even the most dedicated of players to complete. However, as with other freemium games, players do have the option to shell out real cash for gems which can speed up task time or unlock bonus characters.

It should be stated that this game is not particularly built for long, binge sessions; Disney Magic Kingdoms it is better suited for short check-in sessions. Wherein you go away for a couple of hours while tasks are being completed.

Furthermore, in terms of the park guests. Granting guest wishes results in collecting happiness points. Reaching a new level of park happiness unlocks extras, like parades and magic currency bonuses.

As a huge Disney/Pixar fan, I love this game and I have become addicted to checking on my park. However, I do wish that the tasks were not so long; or required a ridiculous amount of gems. I would probably have no issue if this weren’t a free game;  so players wouldn’t be forced to wait and/or shell out money.

Also, I would like to see Gameloft add a confirmation menu before you spend gems. I have accidentally spent my gems too many times.





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Published by Melissa Rose