I never thought Pokémon went along with Disney Princesses but Wilberth R. Gonzalez has certainly proved me wrong with his creative art work. Let's check it out!

1. Look at Ariel's unique Gyarados tail and Starmie bra! But that's not all, Sebastian is all Krabby and Flounder meets Magikarp.

2. Mulan with her trusted guardian Mushu as Dragonair and the Fa family's lucky charm Cri-Kee as Caterpie.

3. Cinderella and her lovely companions, Jaq and Gus as Rattata and Raticate, one of her bird friends as Pidgey and Lucifer as Meowth.

4. The beautiful Jasmine and her sidekicks Apu, Lago and Rajah as Mankey, Spearow and Arcanine.

5. Aurora is out for a stroll with a basket full of Poké balls alongside Oddish, Butterfree and Farfetch'd.

6. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, or should I say, Seven Mr. Mimes?

7. Merida makes a great Tangela. And I love the detail of the Poké ball earring on the creepy witch.

8. Pocahontas and her pet companions Meeko and Flit as a cute little Eevee and Doduo and the spoiled Percy as Slowbro. Love her Poké ball tattoo!

9. Rapunzel brushing he long hair with her trusted friend Pascal as Squirtle and Maximus who looks incredible as Rapidash.

Please head off to Wilberth Gonzalez's Instagram and give him a follow if you liked his work!

Published by Mariana Ruvina