I got these books as a four pack, and I am so happy that I did. They are absolutely amazing. The fact that they are children's stories would usually mean that I wouldn't bother to review them. But I couldn't not say something about them so I am going to do a four in one review.

These books are designed to be ten minute reads, so they are a little condensed. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful and the stories stick to the same plots as the Disney movies, which I loved.

I will just give a brief note on each of the four books.

Bambi: With its beautiful pink cover it was Bambi that caught my eye and got me to buy this pack. All of the much-loved characters are included in this book. The thing I really love is the story wasn't really altered in the beginning. It did however end with Bambi's first winter. Which for anyone not familiar with the story of bambi means it ends on a happy note. Which was a lovely surprise and great for the little ones.

Peter Pan: My only negative with this one is that they never said "second star on the right and straight on till morning". Other than that this was a great book.

Alice in Wonderland: I have a few notes on Alice. I was a little disappointed with the scenes that had been cut from this one. Tweedledee and Tweedledum only had one line and the caterpillar turned into a butterfly almost Instantly. One of the other scenes that was cut was the scene where Alice grows and gets stuck in the white rabbits house. Now I understand that these are 10 minute reads for kids but I was still sad to find these parts of the story missing.

Cinderella: I don't have any notes on Cinderella other than; it was perfect, just as I remembered it.

Overall this collection is perfect. These books are a must have for every child and every adult that is a child at heart.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker