A couple of weeks ago I went to Disneyland Paris. It took me a while to send the pictures on my phone to my laptop. That’s why this post is a bit late than planned, but the place was so beautiful so I just had to share some pictures with you guys.

First I am going to tell you a little story about that day:

My aunt knew this guy who works at the parc and he said he could give us a discount for the parc, but Disneyland has two parcs so we thought the discount was for both of the parcs. When we got there it seemed like the discount was only for the main parc and not for both of the parcs. I was actually not that disappointed because I was very great full. I went to Londen weeks before which I wrote an article about it on my personal blog (www.sinthijas.wordpress.com) and I’ve spend a lot of money there so that’s why I am very great full for it. 

Anyways I went there with my parents and my cousin. We got at the parc very early so we had lots of time to stay there or actually my parents and I had lots of time, because my cousin had to go early to home. 

We realised some of the attractions were closed when we got in the parc. I wanted to go on really high attractions or at least in the fast ones with loops and stuff, but there weren’t that much of a choice. If you see me in person you won’t think I’m a person who goes on high attractions, because I am a bit of a shy person and don’t talk that much to people who I don’t know. 

Around 3pm we went back to my aunts house. I wish there were more attractions on the parc I went to, so I could stay a little longer to watch the parade and the fireworks, but unfortunately I got a little bored and didn’t know how to kill the time if my cousin had also had to leave early. That was a sign for me that I had seen enough of the parc.

It would of been fun if my other family has also came to the parc but they couldn’t. I definitely will go to Disneyland the next time, but then with a whole group of friends and family. And ofcourse tickets for both of the parcs.

I feel like the story is a bit of a mess but hopefully the pictures will make for it!