Jonah 1 : Jonah’s Descent   
The Lord asks Jonah to go to Nineveh to preach against it. Jonah runs away from the Lord and flees to Tarshish instead. The Lord sends a great wind and a violent storm such that the ship threatens to break up but Jonah descends to below the deck and falls asleep. The sailors cast lots to check who is responsible for the calamity and the lot descends on Jonah. The sailors know Jonah is running away from the Lord and ask what is to be done for the sea to be calm. Jonah asks that with their help, he may descend into the sea. The sailors fear the Lord and try to row back to the land. The sea grows wilder so they cry out to the Lord for mercy that they not be held accountable for throwing Jonah into the sea. The sea grows calm as Jonah descends into it. The sailors fear the Lord. The Lord provides a fish to swallow Jonah who stays in it three days and three nights.

Disobedience to the word of the Lord brings descent – a spiritual backsliding. Is the Lord being harsh to have sent a great wind and violent storm, resulting in Jonah being cast into the sea? What do you think is God’s intent? Based on Chapter 1, what good surfaces despite Jonah’s disobedience?


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