So, just like that, a hundred and five of the hundred and ten (five of them are said to have died in captivity) abducted secondary school students from Dapchi have been released just more than a month after they were said to have been abducted by a faction of Boko Haram. When days ago, President Muhammadu Buhari told parents of the abducted schoolgirls as well as their classmates/schoolmates, during his visit to Yobe (where he arrived to a RED CARPET reception on one of his visits to parts of Nigeria besieged by violence and deaths, in recent times), that his government handled the kidnap of Dapchi female students, better than the last administration did with the abducted Chibok girls, I began to smell that something was afoot, especially when he added that the government will not foreclose paying ransom (which the abductors allegedly, according to some media houses, put at twenty billion dollars) for their release. Despite the fact that past payments of ransom to members of the group, as well as the release of notable "hardened" members from detention, have resulted in in an upsurge in their deadly activities, while the security agencies appear to be on the backfoot. What I found most sickening, days after the abduction of the female Dapchi students, when news surrounding the event was still sketchy, was the video by a Boko Haram negotiator, Aisha Wakil, the so called "Mama Boko Haram", who not only called the kidnappers "good boys", on her vlog, but found it difficult to outrightly call the acts of these abductors and terrorists, immoral, hiding it under the fact that judgement belongs to the divine only and ultimately. What further saddened me was the fact that this might not just be her thinking alone, but of many in the north of Nigeria, who support Boko Haram overtly or covertly, in and/or out of government. What just happened has made many things very clear to me. The case of the witch crying at night, and the baby dying in the morning couldn't have been more explicitly portrayed. It reads more like the tale of the man who orchestrated an ugly event at work to discredit his boss just to takeover his position, only to play out the same script and pretend to effectively deal with the issue, in order to impress the board of directors of his company while oiling his credentials, just to further cement the position he obtained by tricks. Many Nigerians will today rejoice as the news of the release of these girls reach their ears and sights, and for good reasons too. They will however be disappointed if they think that unlike with the Chibok girls, these ones will be allowed to speak to the press about their ordeal freely. For the discerning, Nigeria has just entered a new phase of darkness, from which maybe only divine intervention will lead us out of and from, because as it is, those who now hold this country to ransom are very unwilling to let go, and appear to be willing to do and give all it takes to maintain the status quo. 😔 'kovich DISSECTING TODAY'S RELEASE OF ABDUCTED DAPCHI FEMALE STUDENTS

Published by m'khail madukovich