What is the future of diversity in the tech industry?

I previously wrote a post on women in technology titled, The Glass Ceiling: Is It Broken Yet,  and I stumbled across another article in Fortune Magazine relating to the conversation on diversity in technology.

An organization I stumbled across was The Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA). This organization was founded in 1975 by Earl Pace Jr and David Wimberly. BDPA was created to "bring underrepresented minorities together who were working in the information technology and computer science field for the purpose of professional development and academic enrichment," as cited on the organization's website. 

I respect organizations such as BDPA who bring awareness to the lingering diversity problem in technology. 

Now, lets get to the facts:

  • Today, the tech industry is dominated by white and Asian males
  • 1% of Google and Yahoo's workforce is black
  • 7% of Apple's workforce is black 

The myth that "blacks", Africans, and African Americans are not pursuing and receiving degrees in STEM related fields is false. The issue of diversity in technology is not due to the the unavailability of diversity talent in the technology pool. It is due to the unawareness of the issue with the technology companies doing the hiring. 

Will the awareness of the misrepresentation of diversity in technology bring about change to the face of the industry?

Organizations with initiatives geared toward immersing diversity into technology are making waves. Companies like Google are taking initiatives toward making inclusion and community engagement  apart of their brand and apart of their company culture. 

The future of diversity in technology is contingent upon the decisions of business decision-makers.

Change is inevitable, and change is on the horizon. 


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Published by Crystal Ngumezi