Hello green beauties, I'm up with an other DIY recipe for natural skin care. I recently ordered on-line some hyaluronic acid powder and I take the chance to make a new concoction.

I really like to make home-made skin care because I can control the formula being sure to  use on my face truly effective ingredients, in fact most of the times store-bought products have minimum quantity of actives and you cannot be sure if you getting what you are paying for.

Here's a simple recipe to prepare a light anti-aging serum



  • 50 ml of distilled water or floral water
  •  30 ml of aloe vera
  • 0.1 gr of hyaluronic acid powder
  • 10 ml of argan oil (or any vegetable oil you fancy)
  • 15 drops of cosmetic preservative (I used Cosgard)

This is the basic recipe, but at this stage you can add other active to improve the anti-aging qualities of the formula.


  • 10 drop of  Q10
  • 10 drop of resveratrol
  • 10 drops of honeyquat
  • 5 drop of carrot essential oil

Procedure is quite easy: mix all the ingredient together and transfer the serum in a pump bottle. Let the mixture sit for at list 20 minutes you will notice that the serum gets a gel consistency.

You'll end up with a nice fresh serum with light consistency yet very moisturizing thanks to the hyaluronic acid benefits.

Hope you like it


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