This past weekend I helped host my sister's bridal shower. After months of planning the event I still was cramming the night before to make favors for our guests. We chose to give small honey jars as favors and they turned out great! They took a little more time than I anticipated and I hit some hiccups along the way, but I couldn't be happier with the finished product. 

The favor: honey jars filled with local honey, paired with a custom-stamped tag and wooden honey dipper

- glass jars (I ordered these 2 oz. jars from Specialty Bottle) 
- local honey
- wooden honey dippers (I got mine from the awesome company Red Barn Farm of Maine)
- colored ribbon 
- scrapbook paper or pre-cut tags
- black pen or ink pad with stamps (I have an awesome set of tiny letter stamps and bought a bee one for this project)
- an awl or paper punch 

Notes: The biggest thing to remember with my favor is that fluid ounces are different than regular ounces (unless we're talking about water). I drastically underestimated the amount of honey I needed to fill my 2 oz. jars and had to return to the store twice, oops! I would also suggest buying a small funnel to help pour the honey into the jars and cover your counter with wax paper for an easy clean-up. 

These favors were a big hit! I'm glad we decided to make them because everyone loved taking one home at the end of the shower and I really enjoyed getting crafty to make them. There are so many creative ways to recreate this favor with different customizations. It's a simple gift and perfect for a spring or summer bridal shower. 


Published by Christie Scheer