Hello, Green Beauties!

How nice is to be back on the blog with a new DIY! And this is definitely a recipe that will blow your mind: Bronzing Highlighting drops. A must for Summer!

P.s. this product is a dupe for the Cover FX Enhancing Drops....but way more natural and cheep

I got the inspiration for this DIY because recently one of my favourite organic compact 


bronzing highlighting powder got broken.

My fault! It slipped from my hands and it smashed on the floor...This makeup disaster gave me the idea of transforming my beloved product into a liquid version.

The procedure is super easy. Basically, it's the same method used for my previous version of DIY liquid highlighter ( recipe here) which you enjoyed so much

I removed my broken highlighting bronzer from the pan and I transfer in a bowl where I smash it into powder. Then I added a light plant oil (I used Sacha Inchi oil) until I find the desired consistency. Whit the help of a syringe I transfer the mixture into a pipette dropper vial.


This is an amazing highlithing bronzer that may be used as a base or mixed directly with your foundation for an all over bronze glow of popped to specific areas like cheeks, collar bones or legs to enhance summer tan. The oil component will also ensure a boost of hydration to the skin.

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