Hey There Green Beauties! Since you loved my article about DIY Cream Blushes (catch up here) I came up with a new DIY formula for Cream Highlighter. And, apparently, this one seems to be a close dupe for one of the most hyped organic makeup product on the market: RMS Living Luminizer.

So, if you love glowing skin and you want to save 30 something bucks you'd better read carefully this article and jump on your kitchen to replicate this recipe.

As in the Cream Blush recipe, you need few simple ingredients: natural oil and butters, beeswax and mica.

Proportions remain unchanged: 25%  of beeswax and 75 % of your favourite oils and butters. Plus 1 tsp of mica (in this case proportions are not strictly to be followed: if you want a subtle and sheer Highlighter go for less of a tsp of mica or add more for a strong wow effect).

The Recipe

for 20 gr (small pot)

  • 5 gr of beeswax
  • 5 gr of Shea butter
  • 10 gr of Castor oil

As you know my preferences go on Castor oil because of is nourishing proprieties and for the dewy glowy effect that is able to deliver to the skin. But be free to use the oils or butter you love the most.

The procedure is super easy, in a double boiler mix add your beeswax and oils/butters and let them melt altogether. Transfer this concoction into a clean pot and add the mica and stir well. Let it cool...and voilà. There you have your magic glow in a pot.


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