happy Sunday guys!
Hope the Sunday is going as planned, because mine is going on well.. this morning was very haggard for me, I couldn't even understand the weather today(dunno if its just me) but this morning was a very cold and dry morning and all my skin needed was body oil and I quickly made one, so I decided to share with you guys.

body oil must not be purchased from a store or something, you can always make yours at home just with 3 essensials: sheabutter, coconut oil, and vitamin E.IMG_6177.JPG



vitamin E:it is very beneficial to the skin, helps with stubborn scars, clears stretch marks, a very good moisturizer for the skin, and so on. For more info clickhere

sheabutter:it renews the body cells, prevents allergy, and ensures softness of the skin and so on and same goes with the coconut oil.



-get a bowl.

-add a reasonable amount of sheabutter


-add coconut oil(try to make them equal amounts) I did not add the vitamin E capsules because I already added it into my coconut oil.

-2-3 capsules is enough

-then heat(this is very important)

you can either use a microwave or direct with fire(be careful)



and this is how it should look like on your skin

this really keeps my skin going, and if your bothered that you may look like a greasy chicken after applying it, then your wrong.

It is a very simple DIY for face and body so try making yours, give me feedback if you eventually do, feel free to leave a comment on what you think.....X happy sunday!!!

Published by Oluomachi Ugorji