Hi My Lovelies, Here's another DIY and of course it involves coconut oil! Products Needed: Coconut Oil. Some type of container. Hask Manoi Coconut Nourishing Shine Oil (this is optional). Hair Tie. Brush. Comb (preferably a wide tooth one, but any one will do) Some type of clip. Steps: Make sure your container is clean. Mix both the coconut oil and has if using both. Brush out hair. Section hair and clip up rest. Begin by warming the the two oils in your hands and apply to your hair and comb through with your comb section by section until all your hair is covered. I like to use the Monoi oil because it smells really good and it repairs and deep conditions the hair. Also adds a bit of extra coconut oil. Once your hair is all saturated with the mixture leave on for about 30 minutes to an hour. I like to do this the night begore I know I'm going to wash my hair and leave it in over night. If you can handle sleeping with your hair tied up do that, I usually braid my hair. Also either put a down on your pillows or use a pillowcase you don't mind getting oily. -Amber Renee💕

Published by Amber Renee