Hey, world! It’s Lora.

Halloween is coming and I’m so excited. We actually don’t celebrate it here, in Bulgaria, but I’m going trick-or-treating with some friends this year. The holiday is becoming more and more popular in our country which is awesome. I recently started decorating my room for Halloween and I found a great decor idea in Pinterest. It’s a bat made out of toilet paper tube. In this post I’ll show how to make it. It’s pretty easy and I’m sure you have all of the materials at home, so let’s begin!

All You’ll Need:

  • toilet paper roll
  • scissors
  • black paper (or white one that you can colour black)
  • black marker
  • glue stick


Fold in the top of the toilet roll to create the bat ears and if you want, glue them into position.


Draw on a funny or a spooky face with a black marker. Use your imagination and make your bat unique!


Continue by drawing the bat’s wings on a black sheet of paper. Cut them out and fold a small flap at the end of the wings where you’ll put the glue. Then, stick them on the both sides of the toilet paper roll.


That’s it! Easy, right?


These are a perfect decoration for your room or even a Halloween party. Get creative and share them with your friends. I hope you like this DIY project as much as I do. Tell me how your bats turned out. I would love to check them out. Leaf a like! 🍁

xoxo, Lora

Originally published on My Messy Blog.

Published by Lora Veleva