I can’t wait to have a house- mostly for the land that will come with it so I can garden.  Growing up, my parents always tried to get me to help them plant flowers and help maintain their garden but I always thought it was boring and I just didn’t have a green thumb.  Now that I am older, I am starting to understand why they enjoyed it so much.  All I want to do is grow my own food and herbs to attempt being more self-sustaining.

The only problem with this is, I live in NDG which is in Montreal and all that I have is a small balcony.  This is why I did some research to see if it was possible to make a small garden for myself anyway.  I found countless of ideas.  I will be trying a few of these ideas out and see which ones work the best.  How it turns out for me, will be entirely different for everyone else.  It depends on your location, how much sunlight your balcony/ window gets, what you’re growing etc.  I’m not even sure how this will work out so, let’s start experimenting.

I wanted to use recycled items if possible, so for the first project, I am using used 2L Soda bottles.  Quite a few people are concerned about growing herbs/ food/ plants in plastic containers because as we all have been told, we should not reuse plastic water bottles because of BPA, so on and so on.  However I found a good article that explains which ones are safer to use.  Take a look and read more here or here.

The materials I used are:

4 2L Soda Bottles

A Drill



Sharp Cutting Knife

Instead of the drill, you can use the scissors, an xacto knife etc- anything that you can use to safely cut the holes in the side of the bottles however, for this version of the planter, I needed to drill a hole in the bottle cap and this was the easiest tool to use.


During different tutorials, I have seen the bottles cut down to different sizes.  I cut mine closer to the bottom, right where the bottle starts to curve down a little bit. I used a sharp knife to do so but many people just used scissors. I have also seen people put tape all around the edges of the top part of the bottle where you cut- to make sure they aren’t sharp- but I just used scissors to make the edges dull.

I then used the drill to put two holes on each side of the container about 5 cm from the edge- using the lines in the bottle to keep them properly spaced out.  A hole punch would work well too- but I felt like using a power tool for the fun of it.  At the same time, take the cap off of the bottle and drill a hole down the middle- this will help drain the water from the soil once you have done the planting; put the cap back on.




Next, take your rope and cut 2 equal lengths of it per bottle.  The length of the rope will depend on where you are hanging the bottles and how much slack you need to do so properly.

Next, take one end of the cut rope and put it through a hole from the outside in, doing the same thing with the other end of the rope to the hole next to it.  Repeat this step on the other side of the bottle.

And Step One is done!  All that is left to do is to go and hang them up wherever you have planned and adding the soil and seeds.

Step Two consists of possibly adding aluminum foil to the bottom, the soil and then the seeds but that depends on your gardening preference.

While this can be used indoors, I would rather have something with a nicer aesthetic appeal.  Any ideas?  Do you grow your own herbs?  Please let me know which ways have worked the best for you; I am always looking for better methods especially if they offer indoor options which allow me to grow them throughout these Montreal Winters.

Thank you!!

Published by Joanna Ahti