My Sister with my Niece & Nephew  |  The kiddos have added their own touch to it!  So much fun!

For Christmas this year, I wanted to get my Sister something a bit different.  I had numerous ideas for gifts but I also wanted to make her something because she is one of the most creative people I know and she always does such amazing crafts for us.  I thought I would at least try  to return the gift of art.

I  had NO idea what I was going to do.  That is when I sneakily turned to the oh so addictive Pinterest for some inspiration.   I went through my Sister’s Boards and found a Craft section that contained a Pin which gave me the idea of doing a variation of this art project.


This is what I did to put a twist on such a cute idea.  While I like the way the tutorial above explains it because you have many more options when it comes to the font you use (without needing to go out and find the right stencil), I also find it has more steps than necessary because of using the chalk for the outline etc.  Therefore, I am very pleased with how I did my version.


1 Canvas

Alphabet Stencils

Acrylic Paint- I used Gold for the Background and Black for the Quote but the options are endless.

Matching Colored Pencil Crayons for the Quote

Paint Brushes- 1 specifically made for writing is helpful, if not just a very fine tip and 1 Black Foam Paintbrush


Using the Black Foam Paintbrush, cover the entire canvas in the paint color of your choice in even layers and smooth strokes.  Allow the first coat to dry and repeat the process until you are content with how it looks.

Now, this step is optional- I just did it because I wanted to be able to visualize it properly and get the placement of the words right.  I used the stencils to write out each word of the quote “Please Excuse The Mess, Our Kids Are Making Memories”, cut them out and was able to try different layouts.  Originally, I had planned on putting the board horizontally but after looking at my options, I felt better putting it vertically.

Once you feel confident about where you want to place your words, use the stencil and either a pencil or a pencil crayon to trace the letters onto the canvas.  I tried using a pencil but it was too fair and I couldn’t see what I was tracing, so since my quote was going to be in black, I used a black pencil crayon and that worked perfectly well.

If you make a mistake, (I made quite a few because the stencil ran away from me a couple of times), I merely put another coat of paint to camouflage the error and you weren’t even able to tell that there had been a mishap.  I had been worried you would see the “patchiness” but that wasn’t the case *phew*.

Then, outline the letters with your desired font paint and then fill them in.  Allow it to dry and put another coat or two to fill in any holes which may appear while drying.

I left enough room at the bottom and in a few spots around the canvas so that my nieces and nephew can paint their hands in vibrant colours and add their own flare to the canvas while at the same time, making more memories.

I was thrilled when I gave it to my sister and the moment she saw it, she had tears in her eyes.  As you can see here:


 I knew I did something right at that moment and I am so pleased she likes it. Trust me- you can be as creative as you want with this and it is the perfect gift for art lovers and parents alike.

Published by Joanna Ahti