Hi Lovelies, Today is all about my first DIY here on my page. It's pretty simple to make, all you need is three products. With that said let's get started! What you'll need: Sugar or brown sugar. Coconut oil (better if it's in liquid form) or your choice of oil. A small container. Steps: Depending on your container size (I used a small round pill container) fill it up about half way with sugar. It'll lower once the oil is on it. If using coconut oil heat until it's liquid (I use this or extra virgin olive oil). Add oil to sugar (you want the sugar to still be coarse). Mix together. Optional you can add a flavor or scent if you want. The sugar will act as an exfoliant and the oil as a moisturizer. Doing this DIY also acts as a simple lip plumper. Once the oil & sugar are mixed you're ready to get those baby soft lips! I began by wetting my lips a bit and using Kaplan Mds lip mask for about 5 minutes (I'll have a review on this soon) just so it's easier to scrub away the dead skin. Next, using your finger begin to gently massage the scrub onto your lips. If you have stubborn skin like I do go in with a toothbrush (I have a seperate one just for this reason) and gently brush your lips. I can't express the word gently enough if you're not your lips can start to bleed and no one wants that! Once done rinse with warm water and pat dry. If needed repeat. Lastly, I like to put on some type of lip balm or chapstick even though the oil is moisturizing this keeps them even softer. Now you can say hello to those beautiful soft fuller lips! -Amber Renee💕

Published by Amber Renee