Hello Green Beauties, If you, like me, love to have with you smart products that can double or triple up their functions, you will love this DIY. This article is all about a Multipurpose 3 in 1 mist that it has become a must have in my beauty case!

This is a super simple DIY made by two ingredients: Aloe vera juice and Glycerin! Aloe vera needs no introductions, it's simply a God sent for skin and hair. Lightweight still potent moisturizer, aloe vera has amazing ally for calming, soothing and deeply hydrate skin, full of antioxidants it's a real star in skin care. Aloe vera it's not just great for skin, it's an indispensable product in hair care: it has amazing conditioning proprieties and applied directly on the scalp it promotes hair growth. Glycerin boosts the moisturising proprieties of Aloe, sealing in moisture to the skin and hair surface.

Recipe (100 ml)
  • 90 ml of Aloe vera juicewp-1465157053732.jpeg
  • 10 ml vegetable Glycerin

P.s to increase shelf life it's preferable to add 15 drops of Cosgard or another preservative of your choice


This DIY has multiple uses:

1-It's a wonderful hydrating toner or essence, ideal for soothing and toning skin after cleansing and before a multiple layers skin care routine.

2-Spray it all over your body for a refreshing sensation, it works wonders for calming dry/itchy skin and treat sunburns.

3-My favourite use of all, spray liberally all over your hair as a conditioning-anti fritz hair mist. Good by straw-like hair!

This DIY it's a must have for Summer

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