DIY: Simple steps to Homemade Coconut oil

So, I am transitioning into natural hair and I have been frazzled about the deep conditioning regime ingredients such as mayonnaise, eggs, olive oil, banana, etc. 
I got the other ingredients but needed a substitute for olive oil, which is where coconut oil comes into play.
I read somewhere that coconut oil serves as a good hair texturizer and Natural Hair Conditioner that locks in moisture. So when I laid my hand on a coconut, I got to work on its extracting oil.

•    First, I extracted the flesh after cracking it open.
•    I diced it up into tiny bits to make it easily for blending.
•    I blended it into a very smooth puree or slush, and then sieved it to extract the milk (that is the important part).
•    Pour the milk into a pan, turn up the heat, low at first and gently increase it as it’s needed. Gently stir as it gets heated up. 
The milk heats up and the water gets evaporated while the oil starts to separate. At the end of the process, the oil will be distinct at the top with the crust at the bottom. Continue to heat and stir till the oil is clear and completely separated from the crust.
The oil had a golden tint to it and a natural vanilla/ fruity flavour (a matter of opinion, but a nice scent, I’ll say). It stays liquid even in cool weather. Pour it into a bottle and enjoy it. 
I can’t wait to make more, because now my hair won’t starve and my diet gets improved, plus my skin gets pampered too.

Published by Adeola Balogun