You have probably heard about or know someone who attended or plans to attend the show, but the Bay Boy Reunion Tour is currently underway and is probably set to be performing in a city near you. The tour lineup includes the follow Bad Boy Records artists:Puff Daddy, Lil Kim, Mase, Faith Evans, Mario Winans, Total, Carl Thomas, 112, The Lox, and French Montana.

So far the show has gotten rave reviews due to its energetic, mind-blowing stage shows and performance! Each artists stuns and definitely does not disappoint fans with the well-choreographed dance steps and hit songs. The fans will get a taste of nostalgia with hits from the  90’s and will also have the chance to experience something very new and fresh.

Opening for the Bad Boy Reunion Tour show currently is DJ Aktive, who is the official tour DJ for all current and upcoming shows. DJ Aktive entertains the crowd and opens the show with his own unique music set and then DJs during the artists’ performance. DJ Aktive may be unfamiliar with a few Bad Boy fans, but this won’t be the case for long. As he continues to open for this tour, he will deliver a breath-taking intro to rev fans up for more fun and the anticipation for the legendary tour.

DJ Aktive tells a very interesting story about auditioning live for Sean Combs at his home and how excited he was to be asked to work with such a music icon.  In addition, he discusses how they vibed when they met and how things continue constantly to move which keeps him ready for possible surprise guests during each show. 

DJ Aktive’s resume is very impressive so far and includes DJ’ing gigs for: Janet Jackson, Kanye West, Common, Jennifer Hudson and more! When having the opportunity to speak with him, he gushed about how much of a dream come true it was for him to work with Janet Jackson and that he would also love the opportunity to work with Jay Z. 

The combination of the 90’s musical stars along with a very in demand DJ is just what the doctor ordered and is an example of what an awesome talent, the Bad Boy team is and has been for years. With this tour, they continue to prove that their talent will last as long as they each wish for it to last, and it looks like fans are as excited about that as well.

 For more information on the tour visit their  website.  Also, for updates and news on DJ Aktive visit his website.

Published by Judith Davis