Do I need gutters around my entire house? Element Exteriors states that there are several factors that go into determining whether you need gutters for your home or not. Factors such as: if you have a home in areas that receive a lot of rainfall, if your roof has a wide overhang, the nature of the ground, and many more aspects can determine if whether you should install gutters or not. This guide will go in depth about what you should take into consideration prior to installing gutters on your home.

If You Have a 6” to 10” Wide Roof Overhang

The main purpose of installing gutters is to prevent water from affecting your home’s walls. If your roof has a large overhang, you most likely do not need to install gutters. If the overhang is wide, it can divert water away from affecting your home’s walls.

Adequate Apron Concrete and Drainage System

Checking to make sure that your home has stable concrete installed around the home is key. A stable concrete foundation can help prevent water from causing the soil around your home to erode. Soil erosion can lead to affecting the structural integrity of your building.

Ground Slopes Away From the Home

If the ground slopes away from your home, then there will be no fear of the water stagnating around your house that can lead to flooding. Even a slight slope can prevent water from going towards your home.

Effective Rain Diverter

If you have an effective rain water diverter already installed on your home, there should be no need to install gutters. If your home already has rain diverters, it is important to make sure that they are maintained and are up to date. Contacting a professional roofer to check on the status of your rain diverter is an option if you do not know how to check them yourself.

Amount of Rainfall

Depending on how much rainfall of where you reside receives, it will also be a key determining factor in whether your home needs gutters or not. If where you live gets a lot of rainfall throughout the year, then it is a good idea if you install gutters to prevent any water damage to your home.

If you’re wondering, “Do I need gutters around my entire house?” The above are some of the factors you need to consider before you decide to install or omit gutters.

Published by Jason Roy