"Wonder if I fail?  I will probably start this and not finish it or even worse, what will be people's reaction to this?"  

When I first started my journey a year ago as a woman broken inside and wanting to heal not only my health but my soul as well I was so stricken with FEAR.  I was fearful of failure, of what people would think, that I wouldn't be able to do it, or that I even would succeed.  This fear followed me around but one thing that kept repeating in my mind was "Do it anyway."  That phrase has become kind of like a staple in my journey.  Anytime I felt that fear creeping behind me ready to pounce and stop me from pursuing better, I would say, "Do it anyway Carolyn."   To this day I continue to struggle with fear here and there.  Sometimes I will get caught up in perceptions, negativity or "nay sayers" and it will play with my mind.  In those times I have to dig down deep and remember those 3 simple words, "DO IT ANYWAY."  I remember that I have been called to not only be healthy for myself, but to help inspire others to do the same.  So I "Do It Anyway!!"  Regardless of what anyone says or thinks I just keep going.  I know my calling and that's all that matters!

See what I have learned about fear is that it plays on negative energy that surrounds us on a daily basis.  If I am not pursuing my healthy journey of proper nutrition, exercise and God time, I will start to feel that negativity surround me.  It is so essential for us to pursue what keeps us healthy so that we don't fall into the trap of negativity and fear!  There is plenty of that to go around, but we need to step out of that and "Do It Anyway."

So what I ask today is, what is your "Do It Anyway?"  What does that look like for you?   Sometimes you don't need the confidence right away to pursue what you want to do.  All you need is the heart and drive to do it.  If you have fear keeping you back, just tell yourself "Do It Anyway."  What is the worse that could happen?  Sometimes you just need to take that first step to realize that the destination is not that scary and neither is the journey!   If I can take a step to pursue my dreams and passions, then I know you can do too.  Just "Do It Anyway..."


Remember you are all WONDERFULLY MADE!!!


Published by Carolyn Decker