Ever read the short story, The Magic Thread? If not, I suggest you ought to. Truly a great story, the message is one that everyone in this Western society must hear. But for the sake of this blog post I have to tell you the summary of the tale...

I couldn't find the actual story online but it is in the book, The Book Of Virtues by William J. Bennett on page 57. I also did find a cute (well, kinda creepy) short show on Youtube based on the story, fast forward to 11:50 and it starts there! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaMsNqMiHiI 

Let's begin... 

There once was a boy by the name of Peter. He was always ready for the next thing; never truly enjoying life...Peter was just like us, craving new big things in life! Running away from reality, jumping up and down to look over the wall to the future but never fully experiencing the moment.images-2

Well, one day when Peter was in the forest, an old woman approached him and asked if he would like a special gift. This gift was a silver ball with a golden thread, not only was this a fancy little thing but it had powers; if someone would tug at the string they could make an hour go by in a matter of seconds! Pretty shabby I must say.


Instead of staying present, Peter believed things were better in the future. He pulled the string nonstop, soon he wasn't a student in school anymore but a grown man in the army! Instead of dealing with life issues and feeling the pain of living in this world he ran from his problems; using  the mystical thread to zoom forward into the future.

I understand him. I have moments in my life when I wish I could just jump into the next season. Thoughts such as I can't wait for this semester to be over, or if I only had money. So I feel for him. I get it.

But the time came when he looked at his mother and she had gray hair and he couldn't even remember her aging. Some time later she passed away, and then he also became old. His life had gone by in a blink of an eye, he never learned anything!

One day, when his wife became ill he wanted to pull the string but when he looked at the thread it had changed color. What once was a vibrant gold color turned into a dull gray color and it had shortened greatly. He put it in his pocket and went back to the woods where it all started with the old woman, to reflect on the notion if he should pull it or not.



She was there waiting. "So, Peter, have you had a good life?", she asked him. His response was not what he thought he would have felt in the end.

     "Your magic ball is a wonderful thing. I have never had to suffer or wait for anything in my life. And yet it has all passed so quickly. I feel that I have had no time to take in what has happened to me, neither the good things nor the bad. Now there is so little time left. I dare not pull the thread again for it will only bring me to my death. I do not think your gift has brought me luck"

She laughed at him and called him out for his indecisiveness, but she offered him one last wish. He wished to go back to everything the way it once was without the magic thread. She granted it and he woke up flustered from the nightmare.


He was no longer  despaired about going to school, rather he was excited to see all his friends and for the first time he started to appreciate the beautiful gift of nature...he was even thrilled for his classes! Finally, he understood that this was his life and he could either be in misery in his life situation or accept it and have a rejoiceful heart! He chose the latter.

When I read this story the first couple of times, I took it literally. That it was just a story, I thought, with the wisdom being to appreciate the Now, but I never really saw myself as Peter until I read it the fifth time! All people have this magic thread, it's called excessive daydreaming and relying too much on the future for happiness; not looking at what we have right in front of us. Every time we have a problem within our lives or are bored, we dive into daydreaming and chanting in our heads things like once the summer comes things will be better or if I find the man/woman of my dreams I will be complete. Isn't that heartbreaking?

We may be in a situation when we struggle financially or with health and relationship but instead of learning from the pain and seeing the beauty in everything we use "the magic thread" as a defense mechanism. We must stop this, or else we will be like Peter - we will grow old and wonder where our life went. 

Do you want to open your eyes one day and see that you didn't remember anything from your life because your mind was too focused on things that weren't even present? Or, do you want to leave a stamp in the world? That you, (place name here), have impacted the world like nobody else could?

1e5bdafb5530a31e644764d8e0be8d7dNo one can create what you create, there is room for everyone on this earth to showcase their gifts and impact the earth positively. Join in! Be present! Stop pulling the thread and when life becomes too difficult, go outside because nature is always beautiful, and uplifting no matter what, and look up to the skies! Look at the trees, the flowers, the animals that inhabit this earth and use them as a reminder that all is good! Humanity is good, and life is a beautiful gift!

Be mindful. Be happy, and most importantly love uncontrollably!

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Published by Michelle Tulik