Life is so damn grand.

Yesterday David showed me a video that changed my life, and now, I want to share this good omen with you.

I feel that we, as humans, are terrified to be ourselves. Simply, because were different than our friends, family, celebrities. BUT WE'RE ALL FREAKING DIFFERENT FOR A REASON. I do not know one single person exactly like me, and its freaking lit. Embrace all of the things that make you, you. Take pride in your flaws and realize that they're only flaws, because our generation has made up some stupid stereotype on what beauty is, what happiness is, what success is. Wear your favorite shorts that you found at the thrift store, even if someone thinks they're weird or stares a little too long. DON'T WEAR MAKEUP TO GO OUT BECAUSE YA MOISTURIZER MAKES YOU FEEL ALIVE. Wear makeup, do more tutorials, more fashion, write in your blog, misspell words, have terrible grammar, make a damn blog, make more videos, love your music, make more, share your music, cook, cook some more, bring me some, burn the house down, take some bomb ass photos, just do whatever in the world it is that feeds your spirit. You owe yourself everything you've ever wanted, dreamed of, believed in. So stop emphasizing the "bad" qualities and embrace every quality, embrace every mistake, every inch of greatness.

Life is such a beautiful, beautiful gift, and if you're looking for a sign, here it is.

Be wonderful, be extraordinary, be everything you've ever wanted to be. Love with all of your heart, and never, never stop trying.

Published by Sydney Herrera