For many homeowners, square footage is king; but for the urban dweller, ample space in one’s living quarters is often a luxury that just isn’t possible. That being said, it’s important to remember that just because your home may be a little on the snug and comfy side (read: small) doesn’t mean that owning a dream kitchen is entirely out of reach; as long as you’re willing to think outside the box – and make the space that you do have work for you.

Dealing With Pots – Give Them A Gargoyle’s Perch

If there is one thing that can quickly take over your kitchen’s valuable real estate, it’s going to be your pots and pans. Sure, you can store them in a cabinet – but doing so is not exactly making the most of your kitchen space. Rather than forfeiting your kitchen cabinets to these awkwardly shaped and (frustratingly unstackable) cookware items, make the most of your kitchen’s space and hang them from a lofty perch instead.

Hanging your cookware not only frees up space in your kitchen cabinets, it also makes it easier to find the pot or pan you’re looking for without causing the raucous din of a bull in a china shop. Functionality aside, pot racks are a quick and easy DIY project that will give your kitchenette the aesthetic of a professional kitchen.


A bit of chain, a few feet of wood, and a handful of S-hooks and eyebolts make it easy to keep your cabinets clutter-free.


Vent Hoods: There’s More To Them Than Expelling Hot Air

If you haven’t built a shallow cabinet around your stove’s vent hood yet, not only are you forced to share your kitchen with a distracting metal eyesore, you’re also not making the most of your kitchen’s storage potential. Granted, this space won’t solve all your clutter woes, but there is no better place to keep the various herbs, spices, rubs, and cooking utensils that you use to make your daily meals. Remember the adage, “a place for everything and everything in its place”? I think it’s safe to say they were talking about kitchens. Probably.

Slide-out Cabinets Make All The Difference

Getting the most you can into any potential storage area in your kitchen is one thing, but the key to creating and maintaining a dream kitchen is efficiency. After all, it won’t do any good to have your kitchen cupboards so full that you have to take everything out just to find something.  The truth is, jam-packed cabinets are just a ticking time bomb of frustration waiting to happen.

To counter this, many homeowners opt for slide-out cabinets, which allow unfettered access to all the items in your cupboards from front to back. Never again will the threat of spilled marjoram or cinnamon be realized due to an overstuffed baking shelf (if you’ve ever gotten either of these vengeful spices in your eye, you know exactly why I singled them out).


Every Nook, Every Cranny: The Benefits Of The Corner Cabinet


We all know that corner cabinets are a veritable boon of under-the-counter storage space. But this “boon” can either be your greatest ally or your worst enemy in keeping your kitchen organized. The key here is to not let this space fall to the tyranny of lidless Tupperware and half full containers of cooking oil; combine your corner cabinet with a tiered lazy Susan and make this space a manageable one.


Sometimes It’s About The Illusion Of Space

If your kitchen is clutter-free and still making you feel claustrophobic, consider replacing your traditional cabinet doors with sliding ones. Remarkably, something as simple as changing the way your cabinets open can give your kitchen space a truly open feel to it.


Anyone who has a tiny kitchen can relate to the effect that open cupboards have on the size of the space. These sliding panels are quiet, functional, and also provide you with the opportunity to add a splash of style to your space.

Hooks and racks are where it’s at

If you’re still hunting for more room, look to the backs of your cabinet doors.  By adhering a layer of cork to the backside of the door, you’re opening your kitchen up to heretofore unheard of organization solutions. With a few hooks you can hang everything from measuring cups to spatulas to wooden spoons – freeing up your drawer space for things that you can’t hang.

Not a fan of cork? Adhere magnetic metal strips to your cupboard doors and you’ve got an impromptu rack for metal – an excellent place to store tins of soul-mending herbal teas or exotic spices.


Need a hand organizing your Tupperware? Try lining a shelf with pegboard. Cut lengths of doweling to insert into the various holes and you’ve got yourself an easy to change system for managing the different sizes of lids and containers.


Finding prep space where there is none

If you find that counter/prep space to be at a premium in your kitchen, consider picking up an oversized cutting board. Placed over the sink, the cutting board allows you to maximize the amount of counter space you have at your disposal.

Kitchen carts also make great prep surfaces. Not only do they fold down and tuck out of the way when not in use, it is an sophisticated way to deliver a meal to someone you’re looking to impress.

The best part of any of these solutions is that it’s about being creative, adding customizability to your space, and implementing solutions that won’t break the bank. Follow any of these tips and turn your less-than-spacious kitchen into a space you want to be in.


Published by Steffen Ploeger