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If you are a marketer, communications specialist, entrepreneur, or business owner who is lacking in graphic design skills you need to listen up! I’m about to tell you about a wonderful FREE little service out there called Canva. I learned to love Canva at my last job and have used it for promotions, social media headers, and even Facebook ads for this blog’s Facebook page. Relevant side note: you can go like the Facebook page by visiting https://www.facebook.com/HaleyHadALittleBlog/. Sorry for the no-shame plug, but how else are you going to know about it? Anyway, here is what you need to know about Canva!


It’s Free and Takes Seconds to Sign-Up!

You can literally go to www.canva.com right now and sign up for an account using an email address and a password of your choosing. Once you sign up you will be introduced to a world where graphics are your friends, not your painstaking enemies. Now when I say Canva is free, I mean that it’s free within reason.  There aren’t any startup, annual, or monthly fees, but for certain elements and stock photos you can be charged one dollar each. Believe it or not this is a great deal compared to other stock photo services! Also, you can easily avoid being charged for photos by either using your own or finding some on the best free royalty-free stock photos site www.pixabay.com. Otherwise, Canva has plenty of free fonts, frames, and backgrounds that work perfectly fine!


They Give You Pre-measured Canvases Depending on Your Needs

This is honestly one of my favorite things within this platform! When it comes to Twitter and Facebook cover photos, getting design dimensions correct are super important! It's really obvious if you don't have a graphic with the right dimensions or image resolution. In my opinion the size of email graphics and social posts aren’t as crucial as social headers, business cards, and post cards. You also have the option of creating custom dimensions if you already know the exact size you want to be working with. This can be great for niche things such as Facebook advertisements.


You Learn Some of the Basic Fundamentals of Advanced Design Programs

Believe it or not, there are a couple things that Canva shares with some of the Adobe Creative Cloud Programs. Basics such as object placement, scale, incorporating vector objects with raster images, playing with transparency, and adding filters to change the hues and saturation of images. Even though programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator give you many more functions and capabilities, Canva can be a great starting point for understanding overall ideas. Of course if you’re trying to create an image of a giant pug battling a sea creature with an epic background, Photoshop would be a better option. On the other hand, if you’re just trying to create a seasonal coupon Canva could be a quicker and easier way to go!


As a marketer, Canva has saved my butt many times. Now that I’ve been studying graphic design for a couple months now, I feel more comfortable with Adobe programs. Even though I’m more experienced now, I still use Canva for quick jobs that don't require a lot of detail.


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