The objectification of women is a sensitive topic, one that will probably have feminists calling for my blood by the end of this post. It’s not really about objectification, it’s more about the judgement of women across media platforms and in day to day life.

When you’re setting up a tripod in your room, to take pictures of yourself, it dawns on you how totally narcissistic the world has become. For me it was purely for this post, doesn’t mean I’m anything but a narcissist, it just means the pictures I took actually serve a purpose. 

Multiple ad campaigns have come to light that are really quite brutal, there are pictures of girls in short skirts and low cut tops with the labels “Slut, whore, asking for it, tease” all in descending order. With the caption “Don’t judge a woman’s worth by her clothes.” Which is a nice statement to make, it’s just impossible for ANYONE to not have their worth judged by what they wear, what they drive or even what they eat.

This purpose being that there has been a recurring theme online and across University Campuses, it’s that women are judged no matter what they wear; whether it be a short dress or a jumper and leggings. Saying that it doesn’t just apply to women, men can definitely be judged. There just seems to be more of a stigma

If I wear a short dress does it make me a slut? Or if I wear a low cut top does it mean I’m asking for it? The majority of people would say no it doesn’t, or you’d like to think they would. 

I am in no way blossoming into a terrifying feminist, I know men go through the same thing. With all the pressure to go to the gym and have the "perfect" body, evidently it's just as hard being a dude. 

the whole body-shaming thing is always going to be around. No matter what size or gender you are, you're always going to be judged. Whether it be your cup size or waist size that you aren't happy with, you're you and there's nothing imperfect about that. 


Published by Daisy Cooper