"Green" is the heart of America and it means money and wealth, although in the last twenty years, green has arrive at mean conservation of our environment. The symbolism of "GREEN" is global. Globally "Green" means hope, life, growth and the capacity to move ahead just like the message of a green traffic light. Most citizens of other countries want a Green Card (Tarjeta Verde) to come calmly to America for an improved life. China produces the absolute most green vegetables for global distribution. Along with other countries, the economics of green vegetables tantamount to 84 million dollars. Green landscapes empowers us with "life" mean lots of Oxygen for people to breathe set for energy processes. Most shades of green have an extended wavelength that is relaxing. The Wizard of Oz lives in Emerald City, with green symbolizing wisdom, while children love the Mermaid with green eyes, which they believe is magical. Recall, Popeye, the cartoon who got plenty of energy after eating spinach. Since green vegetables have a lot of the nutrients for our anatomical bodies, and they're cheap commodities, would you realize how much cash can be saved per household?

On the other hand, green can symbolize envy, ignorance, jealousy, and sickness. Shakespeare wrote about "The green-eyed monster." Olive green color is considered to have adverse effects on our brain waves. The green skin of apples do not have chlorophyll, it's Cyanide! Some green leaves have poison, excess medicinal compounds, or psychedelic drugs. There is Cannabis and the Deadly Nightshade plants to name a couple of examples.

Any object that cannot absorb green reflects it. This object can absorb yellow and blue and other colors of the spectrum, while reflect green. Like, our plants have chlorophyll, a chemical that absorbs all wavelengths of white light, except green, which it reflects. The structure of Chlorophyll resembles Vitamin B12 and Heme in the blood. These three compounds have a round structure called porphyrin, an all natural occurring substance, with a steel at the center.

Let us recall, Vitamin B12 has a round Porphyrin structure, called Corrin with Cobalt metal ( mounted on Cyanide) at the guts, which appears pinkish-red. Chlorophyl, too has a round porphyrin ring with Magnesium metal at the guts and it appears green. In the future, we shall discuss Heme, a part of hemoglobin in the blood stream, which also has a round porphyrin structure, with the metal Iron at the center. This Iron provides the blood red colorization and if it is bound to Oxygen, it is called Ferric Oxide. Therefore, to increase your awareness, most ( not all) red colorization products contain Ferric oxide. Ferrous sulfate is green.

Let us connect Chlorophyll to Heme inside our bloodstream. Some believe that since the chemistry is of Chlorophyll and Heme is really much alike, all your body does is to displace the Magnesium of Chlorophyll with Iron. As a result whenever we eat green vegetables., the magnesium moves from the vegetables and the iron moves into the porphyrin. It must be emphasized that Magnesium in vegetables is among the vital minerals for the body. If the vegetables are eaten unwashed, the bacteria is likely to make more Vitamin B12 in the gut. Vitamin B12 advances the production of Red Blood Cells from the bone marrow, which transport heme in hemoglobin with oxygen. Therefore all processes are connected.


Published by Samantha Brown