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Does God still work signs and miracles?

Do you believe in the power of God to transform thought into consciousness? Or is this all just a made up thing we all tell ourselves to believe in a higher power?



The difference between a person who believes in the idea of God and a person who actually believes in God is this:

  • A person who believes that God is real, and that he exists, also believes in the power of God. This person lives their life in a way that resembles this truth.


So I guess my real question here to you is this:

Do you believe in God?


Now I know many of you are probably saying, “Why yes, I do believe in God.”

But I ask you really, how do you know that you believe in God? If you believe in God then surely you believe in his power to work miracles and to change lives, or do you believe that miracles and signs from heaven are only applicable to the people in the bible?

I’m asking you a lot of questions – yes, I know.

What I am trying to do here is to get you to really think about your belief system in full detail, and to analyze for yourself if the statements you are making are in fact true.

Those who actually and truly believe that there is a God believe in his power. Let’s search the scriptures for this truth:

“And without faith it is impossible to please him, for whoever would draw near to God must first believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him.”  – Hebrews 11:6, ESV

This scripture clearly points out, that for those of us who believe that there is a God, we must first believe that God actually exists. This is a very interesting statement to make and point out. What the writer is saying here is that in order to get close to God, you have to first actually believe that he is real – shocking.

The second part of this scripture is interesting as well. The author communicates to us that in order to get close to God, we must also believe that he rewards those who seek him. The word seek means to look for and find, or to search. So what this scripture is truly saying is that for the person who looks to draw near to God, they must believe that God rewards those who search after him – those who look for him and find him. This is a very powerful statement to make.

So for those of you who say that you believe in God, know that you are also saying that you believe that God exists and that he rewards those people who actually look for him and find him.


Interesting thought. Let’s dig a little deeper:

In Jeremiah 1:5, God says to Jeremiah,

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you…” – Jeremiah 1:5, ESV

If you are unaware of who the prophet Jeremiah was, he was a young prophet chosen by God to declare to God’s people the coming judgment of God to the nation of Judah.

In the context of this text, God encounters Jeremiah with a very strong and purpose-filled plan. Because God knew Jeremiah, he reaffirmed him of his right standing with God, by declaring to him that he was consecrated by God before he was formed. The word consecrate means to make or declare sacred. So what God was really saying here was that Jeremiah’s life was purposed for a very specific and sacred plan, one that was ordained by God before God placed Jeremiah in his mother’s womb. Wow. What a bold statement to make to somebody. What’s even crazier than this, is the belief that God can make this same statement today to one of us.

Yes that’s right, God can make this same statement to you or to me. Do you believe this?

Well, I do.


I believe it, because it actually happened to me.

In the year of 2014, I gave my life to Christ. Not in the way in which most people are use to hearing about, but in a very radical way. I had always known of the guy they called Jesus. I had grown up in church and had come to know of his name very well. I knew God was real and that he existed, but there really wasn’t anything different from the way I was living my life in comparison to the way others around me were living their lives. I knew how to pray to God, and how not to say curse words or do anything that was considered “bad.”

I basically lived a regular and normal Christian lifestyle. Sound familiar?

Well towards the end of 2014, I made a sudden change to my normal way of living- or shall I say God made a sudden change to my normal way of living. God encountered me in a very personal and direct way – a way in which I knew it was him when it happened.

Now, it’s very hard to explain what an “encounter” with God looks like, because it is an encounter in which one can only fully understand through experience.

I believe in signs and wonders, but this was something different. God spoke to me directly, straight to my heart. He revealed to me, through a stranger, hidden secrets he had deposited within me. When he communicated his thoughts to me, I knew the experience was something real.

That encounter with God marked the very beginning a very interesting way of life – a lifestyle you may call it. One that resembles the life of Jesus Christ.


So I know that for many of you reading this, a level of cynicism does exist. That’s fine, and I actually don’t mind it – that’s normal.

When God encountered me in 2014, he shook my whole life up. He opened me up to a realm that I had always heard of, but had never first-hand experienced.

Now, I can truly say that God is amazing, and that he is real. How do I know this? Because like Jeremiah, the word of the Lord came to me and confronted my way of thinking. God came to me, and he revealed to me my purpose and he declared to me the end from the beginning.

In Isaiah it says,

“I am God, and there is none like me, declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things not yet done…” – Isaiah 46:9, ESV



When God encounters you, he shows you that he is God and that there is none like him. He will declare and reveal things to you not yet seen, and make you aware of things to come. He will reveal to you your purpose and like he did with Jeremiah, make it known to you that he knew you before you entered your mother’s womb. Because God knew you before you came to be, he will reveal it to you that he is real.


So, I ask you again:

Does God still work signs and miracles?

Do you believe in the power of God to transform thought into consciousness? Or is this all just a made up thing we all tell ourselves to believe in a higher power?




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Published by Crystal Ngumezi