2Kings 7: The Story of God's Miraculous Provision 

What do you believe about God?  Is He the God of the impossible?  Can God work even when we are cynical and scoff?

Setting: The citizens of the city of Samaria were the “walking dead” due to a severe famine and the siege of the Arameans who surrounded their city. It was so severe that they would be willing to eat a donkey’s head which was selling for eighty shekels of silver. Not only were they willing to eat donkey but also their children. Yet, the prophet of God had a word of encouragement for them. The famine would end the very next day. Yet the king responded: “May God judge me severely if Elisha [the prophet of God] still has his head by the end of the day! And his officer said; the Lord is responsible for this disaster; why should I wait for the Lord to help? Like many today, the cynical king and his officer were saying that the prophecy was like "pie in the sky." They were saying not only it can’t happen but it won’t happen.

Have you ever doubted the work and the word of God?

Enter the four outcast lepers living outside the city walls. They said if we stay here we will die, if we go into the city, we will die so let’s take our chances and surrender to the enemy and so they did. Upon entering the enemy camp they found it deserted and all of the enemy’s provisions had been left for the taking. After seeing all of this they determined they should share the good news with the city; even with those who had denied them even a scrap of food. And so they did. Upon hearing the news, the cynical king sent scouts to check out if the leper’s news was for real. Upon their return and being assured the lepers were truthful, the city residents poured out of the city to gorge on the feast left by the enemy. And what happened to the cynical officer? He was trampled by the people leaving the city to take of the spoils left by the enemy. He died because he did not believe God not only could but would.

Where are you? Are you saying “God can’t do anything about my situation?” God has a word for you this day. Life may seem to be desperate. You may feel like you are at the end of your rope and there is nowhere to turn. You have exhausted all options. It is now or never. God has a word for you this day: Trust in Me! I am the God of the impossible. [Luke 1] 

James has a word: he who doubts will not receive anything from the Lord.

Photo Credit: Dreamstime: Olivier LeMoal







Published by Gaye Austin