"Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you." John 14:17


I remember when I was a child. The society I lived in then is very different from our day and age. We had one channel on the tv, and internet, Facebook, social media did not exist. Before 3 pm we where outside playing, and in the evenings we read books or we visited friends and family.  Back then people had time for each other and time to visit. Back then people wanted to communicate with real people.

Not to long ago I was at a family gathering and after the meal had ended, everybody around the table was checking their Facebook or surfing the web. Nobody talked to each other, instead they communicated with the outside world through social media. That made me think how much power things like social media and TV has in our lives.

We are controlled by our desire to be popular, our desire to be loved. So we are happy as long as we get likes on our Facebook posts and people we really dont know wishes us happy birthday on Facebook. And we get miserably unhappy and feel unwanted and unloved when nobody wishes us happy birthday on Facebook and nobody clicks likes on our posts.

The TV has power to control our ability to engage and interact with real people. If our popular tv show is airing we have to catch the latest episode so we can know what everybody is talking about the next day at work or school. And if a friend called or came for a visit while it was airing we would be torn between the two, who should we choose, the tv or our friend?

So it is obvious society has changed, we are no longer outside playing in the evenings. We have almost stopped going for visits to our friends and family. And instead of communicating with real people we communicate through the internet and with imaginary people on the TV.

Is it any wonder people are beginning to be more and more lonely? But what we have to ask ourself, is this Gods will?

Is it Gods will for loneliness to increase in our society, for people to be so addicted to their social media they can become deeply depressed if they dont have enough likes on a recent Facebook post? Of course not, this is not Gods will for us, and the truth is this. When Christians become addicted to their Facebook status, Facebook likes or they allow the TV to control them they have idols in their lives. Idol worship is a sin no matter what kind of idol it is.

Is it any wonder Christians are struggling? Is it any wonder people are struggling with depression and loneliness?

The answer to all of this is Jesus and Him crucified. A person who trusts that Jesus died for their sins have no reason to be lonely and no reason to fear. They have no reason to feel bad about them self when they dont have any likes on their Facebook post and they have no reason to be controlled by their TV.

Because a true Christian has his or her self confidence and happiness connected to the greatest gift in the world, the cross of Jesus Christ.  A true Christian knows he or she is loved by God no matter the circumstances just by looking at the cross. And a true Christian knows he or she can trust God and His promises, no matter the circumstances, just by looking at the cross. For when you look at the cross of Christ, Jesus Christ suffering for your sins you have no reason to doubt God and you have no reason to doubt His willingness and ability to take care of your needs. For when He gave you Jesus you can know, you can KNOW that He will give you everything else you need, you just have to ask. (Rom 8:32)

But a true Christian has no reason to be lonely, why?

Because a true Christian is never alone., He or she can be the only human being left on the face of planet earth, but God is living inside of that person. And why would you be lonely if God is on the inside of you?

Let me say this again, why would you be lonely if God is on the inside of you?

When you trust in what Jesus did for you, the Bible says the Holy Spirit comes to live in you and the Holy Spirit is God. (John 14:7)

At that moment in time, the one who created heaven and earth, the one who created you, the same God that struck dead all the first borns in Egypt, parted the Red Sea and talked to Moses in a burning bush is living inside of you. The same God that died for your sins and disarmed the devil and all his demons on the cross and made a public spectacle of them is living on the inside of you.

Just stop for a moment and consider this. The one who defeated not just the devil, but the devil and all his demons lives on the inside of us if we believe Jesus died for our sins. So if you believe Jesus died for your sins, you have the most powerful being in the entire universe living inside of you. When you look in the mirror its not just your soul looking out of those eyes, its your soul + the Holy Spirit.

Why then should a Christian be lonely? Why then should a Christian worry? Why then should a Christian fear? Because there is no reason to fear, no reason to be worried and no reason to be lonely when God Himself lives inside of you.

But God needs a "key" to enter into you, and you are the one who has to give Him the key. You have the power to keep the door closed to God or to open it to Him. You even have the power to open it to Him and then after some time kick Him out again. But of course, if you do, you will end up in hell suffering for your sins.

We all know and understand we are saved by grace through faith, faith in Jesus dying for our sins. And this is the "key" that opens the door to God to enter into you and to take up residence inside of you. The key is faith, but not just any other faith. Its just one type of faith, faith in Jesus Christ dying for your sins.

Sadly though most Christians use that key only one time in their lives, and then they kick God out of their lives again walking around believing they are saved when God left them a long time ago. How can this happen?

If you are saved by grace, through faith in what Jesus did for you, but then your faith shifts into something else, you have chosen to kick God out of your life again. (Gal 5:4)

So to keep God in your life you have to focus your faith on one thing, and one thing only, they key that opened the door for Him in the first place: Your faith in Jesus dying for your sins.

By that faith you become one with Him and He is comfortable inside of you. But by that faith He takes control over your life, and He guides your, provides for you, heals you, delivers you, comforts you and fights for you. (Joshua 1:8, Gen 15:6, Gal 5:25, Rom 8:1-11, 32)

By that faith He works through you to bring glory to Jesus and what He did for humanity on the cross. (John 16:14) And by that faith He gives you gifts and spiritual offices that will help others to be reconciled to HIm and find the same key to let Him into their lives.

The key is not laying on of hands, its not to give money or to work for it. Its just to believe, simple faith you can do wher ever you are. You cant buy it or pay money for it, so its available to everybody everywhere at all times. But its a faith that produces the greatest gift, reconciliation to God and oneness with Him.

Being united with God comes with a lot of benefits, the most obvious being He takes control over your life and you have no good reason to worry about anything when God Himself shares your life with you. But there is another benefit.

When The Holy Spirit comes to live inside of you He does so because of your faith. Your faith in what Jesus did for you is the key for The Holy Spirit to live inside of you, and to remain inside of you. But to experience the full benefits of having God living inside of you He has given you tounges.

What is tounges?

If faith is the key to open the door and for God to remain inside of you, tounges would be the lightswitch that connects your spirit with Gods spirit and allows everything God has for you to flow freely.

You can never seperate faith from tongues, true tongues can only flow and operate when a person has the right key, the faith in Christ dying for them on a cross.

So how do you activate your tounges? If your faith has opened the door for Jesus to enter in, and to live inside of you, its just to open your mouth and start speaking. It will be in another language you are not familiar with,and it will be you who will be doing the speaking. God will not force your mouth to speak. So you will have to choose to speak with your faith firmly focused on the cross of Christ.

This faith in Christ dying for you on a cross is the key and door opener to everything. If you have this faith there is no need for you to be worried, fearful, lonely, depressed. Just focus your eyes, your faith on Christ dying for you. Use your tounges, and He will do the rest.

Published by Apostle Ernie apostleernie@outlook.com