I'm not racist, but I have my own racial preferences. This is what I would always tell my brother. 

 I prefer Latinos over any races. 

Let's just say, I want to be friends with every race but I only prefer to be romantically attached to some races. Please don't judge me for this. In fact, I'm always feeling guilty. 

With every guy that sends a message or friend request, I know he wants to hook up casually or for a long-time relationship. But every time that guy doesn't fit into "my rigid criteria", I don't answer back. It's for their own good. I don't want to be friendly and then friendzone them in the end. That will break their heart.  Cos I've experienced the same thing, I don't want somebody else to go through the same thing. What? To become too close to the opposite sex, falling in love then being friendzoned later on.

But it's not only me. 90% of single people have racial preferences! 

Here's the uncomfortable data from qz.com:

And although I have my racial preferences, I don't call anybody by racially pejorative terms and I'm open to being friends with everybody from every race.


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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo