You have a favorite song that comes on the radio. But why is it your favorite? Is it because of the beautiful haunting melody? Or if you're into R&B and hip-hop, do you like the song because you could dance to it? 

Of course, everyone has their own favorite song that we just listen to on repeat. But I think people are missing out a lot if they aren't listening to the song lyrics! Singers are poets too you know, and given that they are also songwriters, the lyrics gives everybody a glimpse to their life, from the singer's perspective;  they take you on a stroll inside their head. 

Your favorite song tells so much about you. If your favorite song talks about love, you may be a hopeless romantic; or if your favorite song is a dance number, you may even be a dancer. However, if your favorite song talks about ending poverty, racism or corrupt politicians (which is society's curse upon us), then it only means we care more about stuff that matters and not just trivial things.

Do you listen to the lyrics? If so, comment down below!


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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo