Termites are extremely harmful pests which feed on an organic substance called cellulose which is found in plants and plant derivatives. Wooden floors, furniture, skirting boards and even money can all be lost or damaged during a termite invasion. For this reason, it is important for you to take every necessary measure to avoid such a pest infestation, especially if you live in a termite-prone area. In order to help protect your property, we have outlined 4 key steps you should take in order to prevent termites from invading your home:

1. Get a regular termite inspection            

One of the best ways of preventing a termite invasion is by getting a comprehensive termite inspection on a regular basis. If you have just moved into a new home or are planning to do so in the near future, then it is even more essential for you to get this vital service. The main reason is because you might be unaware of the presence of hidden pests in the property since some of them might be difficult to spot. In addition, it is easy for a termite invasion to spread in a particular neighborhood due to various factors so you should always get regular inspections to ensure that your home has not been affected in any way. So, don’t waste any more time; hire a qualified local Adelaide building inspector  today.

2. Avoid having moisture in and around your home

One of the main things that can attract termites is moisture. For this reason, you should avoid having excessive dampness in and around your home as this may act as a breeding ground for termite colonies. You can do this by ensuring that all ground water drainage flows away from your house. Be prepared to install soil drainage systems if need be and furthermore, avoid placing watered plants adjacent to the house. If you have sub-flooring, ensure that it remains dry at all times. Any leakages or pipe bursts should be fixed immediately to avoid accumulation of moisture.

3. Avoid storing wood and timber in exposed areas

As you well know, termites love wood, and when you store timber in exposed places, it can easily lead to a termite infestation. The best way to avoid this is to store firewood, sawdust, cardboard boxes and other potential termite food on a metal framework above the ground level. If you have some wood mulch, be sure to treat it with an insecticide. In addition, you could opt to use termite-resistant wood when undertaking various building projects around your home.

4. Create a termite barrier

Subterranean termites are responsible for a majority of termite infestations. In order to prevent termites from taking over your home, you could install a termite barrier which can either be in form of a physical barrier or a chemical barrier. Physical barriers will create a protective layer between your home and the soil beneath it while chemical barriers are created by the use of chemically treated soil.

Published by Harris Scott