In 2004, The American Automobile Association gave a breakdown of the costs that it takes to own a vehicle. This includes costs associated with fuel, tires, insurance, maintenance, license registration, depreciation and taxes.

Since the cost of fuelling and maintaining a vehicle can greatly increase the expenses of manning a small business, it is essential that you keep these costs under control. That is why it is advisable to give your employees gas cards. Here are some of the main benefits that you will enjoy when you do this:

  • Wide acceptance

These cards are widely accepted. This is both statewide and nationally. This decreases the chances of your drivers running out of gas as they try to find a service station that will accept their card.

  • Control purchases

It is essential to have purchase controls, otherwise the drivers might misuse the cards that they have been given. This includes buying fuel for their own private vehicles or even buying convenience store items.

But with a fuel card, you can put this under control. The manager of the fleet can set controls on who uses the card, at what time they use it and how much money they can spend and when they can spend it. Therefore, mangers can control how the cards are used.

  • Get alerts

In case you do not want to put tight controls over the fleet gas cards due to the inconvenience that it might cause drivers, you have the option of setting up alerts. You can receive alerts when certain things are done. For instance, you can set up alerts for any after-hours purchases that are made or when purchases are made outside certain geographic locations.

You can also set up an alert when a different kind of fuel than the one intended for the vehicle is purchased.

  • Mange your bills centrally

If you have vehicles in different locations, you can set up a centralized billing process. This means that you will have better control over your accounting records. You can even have centralized billing at your headquarters and still have each branch get its own invoices. This way, the corporate management will have a good picture of what is happening at the branches, while the branches will still get the information that they need.

  • Get easy access to records

You can keep track of information on all of your cards online. You can also manage your cards online. This includes doing things like updating the card, cancelling an existing card or ordering a new one. You can also check the entire history of card usage for a specific driver.

  • Get discounts

By using these cards, you might be eligible to receive discounts from participating vendors. This is a great way to minimize your overall costs.

  • Conclusion

A fuel card is a credit card which enables managers to control maintenance and fuel expenses of vehicles that they manage. Generally, each driver will be given a card with a unique PIN to enable them make work-related purchases.

Published by Karen Anthony