Few months ago I started a year of discovering myself and I have been searching for the causes of some setbacks and difficulties in my life; for example why I am not achieving much every day. During my research, I read a review about a book for Brian Tracy called ‘Eat That Frog’ which suggests some effective strategies to beat procrastination and to get more things done. I decided to read it.

After I finished reading the book, I discovered the main reason why I haven’t achieved my goals till now. I want to be a successful writer and in order to be one, all I have to do is to write a lot. In all the books I have read, practicing is the only way to reach your goals no matter how talented you are; daily practice is the key to master a certain field. Every night, I used to write down a list of tasks for the next day including writing, house tasks, social commitments and other things related to my daughter and every day I started with the easiest or the fastest task. I always ended up with no time to write. Every single time.

The main idea of “Eat That Frog” is that you have to decide which task in your daily list is the most important; the one that will help you to succeed in your career and to achieve your goals. Then the next step is to consider this task as a frog that you have to eat the first thing in the morning without thinking. Follow the 20/80 rule; the 2 most important tasks in your day should take 80% of your time and concentration. They should be done in a superefficient way no matter how huge is your load of other secondary tasks. Maybe there is no time to do everything but there is definitely time to do the most important things, just decide which subject is a priority.

After that, I incorporated the previous rules in my plan and I followed the next steps. I was exhilarated by the results!

1/I wrote down a practical and a realistic list of what I have to do each day.

2/I located the “writing” task on the top of the list. I even decided which topic I will be writing about.

3/I started to write the very first thing in the morning before the distractions start. This is when you still have the mental energy to be creative.

4/I turned off the internet and I didn’t check any form of social media so there were no mental distractions. Actually, social media could be a factor that upsets my mood for the whole day, so no need to get troubled in the morning.

5/I resolved to finish what I’ve started before starting anything else. I plunged in writing without even thinking about it. Self discipline really matters.

6/I was determined to write even when I felt I don’t want to. Few minutes after I started writing, this feeling vanished.

The previous steps altered my life and I found the experience super illuminating. I started backing everything I do with determination because I knew the results will be very promising. Focusing on what I have to accomplish first didn’t result in ignoring the other tasks or impaired my ability to do them in a perfect way but on the contrary, it helped me to finish them faster without being distracted and without feeling that they actually drain my energy. At the end of the day I felt I have achieved a lot and moreover, I certainly moved a step forward towards my dreams!

Published by Hend Halim