Being yourself and doing what you want to do is essential to happiness. What is the point of pretending and following the misconceptions thought up by society that anyone who dares to be slightly different is weird, lame or even idiotic. The truth is that those who judge those among us who are different are jealous. Jealous of the idea that someone is daring to be unique. Jealous of the idea that someone is doing what makes them truly happy and could lead to a mountain of success. This, in all honesty hurts. It hurts to think that some of us are jealous of what others might become. Is the truth not that some people have become to focused on other people’s choices and pointing out that they operate their lives in a way unrecognisable to their own? What makes us different is what makes us happy. 


An ideology that demands to be spread is the idea that anyone can become what they want, exceed all expectations and make something of what they truly love. Life, although some times unfair, hurtful and down right evil, is a gift. It is what we make of it. Personally, I have struggled with others opinion on my own hobbies and have even let them hinder my own progress, however I have learnt that in doing that I am allowing their jealousy to overpower my own enthusiastic desire to create, inspire and entertain, which for the record is not okay. 


If you have a passion, something that burns within you, something that offers you a smidgen of happiness when everything else is seemingly failing, do it. As long as it’s not harming others what the issue? Hobbies, passions, unique talents and traits are what the world is built upon. Let’s face it if Thomas Edison didn’t have a passion for inventing the world may not be lit up as we know it today or if Alexander Graham Bell hadn’t had a passion for science and engineering communication may still be in its simplest forms. Passions lead to great things, trust me. 


Go out. Be Unique. Be expressive. Most of all be you. 

Published by Rosie Rouell