After a long and stressful day at work, I was more than excited to go home.I got to the bus stop and had to hustle/wait for bus, I got to this very popular bus park in Lagos called Oshodi in one piece *whew*, I saw my former course mate in the University, we greeted each other briefly and went our separate ways.

While walking down to where I will gate a bus to my final destination I remembered that I wasn't meant to talk to her anymore but I hugged her and we exchanged pleasantries (shout out to University of Lagos (Unilag) students we can hug for Africa even when we hardly know you: its our tradition). Then I realized DOES IT REALLY MATTER?

So way back in the University, she was my friends roommate and they had some squabble * normal girls wahala* she said some funny things about me and I made up my mind not to talk to her until she apologizes. Well she didn't but I had obviously forgotten and moved on.

It can be anything that you are taking to heart now but later on you will realize it doesn't even matter or worth it any longer. So why let it bother you? Mine was being unforgiving  and taking unnecessary things to heart but right now it doesn't matter any longer.

If you evaluate and think about it and you realize it would not matter in a while, please don't let it take your time and energy. It simply doesn't worth it. Let it go!!!

How helpful do you think this post is in helping you live a grudge free and happy life? Please let me know I will love to hear from you


Published by Adefunke Bada