Life is all about your health as the foundation for your total life!  You have a right to good health care; and, it all starts with self-care!  If we would stop and think about the ailments that folks talk about, we would be talking a lot about stress and eating patterns!  It has to do with stress, obesity, digestive issues, and more.  Learning from the past, it is necessary to move to the future defeating trends like the deterioration of our medical philosophy, a failure to provide health care for all, and the growing influence of money in the health care field, including insurance!

What would replace all of the above?  Think about low-tech, high-touch medicine, good health care for all, and make medicine and insurance affordable.  It has been years in the making this medicine called “Integrative Medicine”.  Integrating mind and body medicine, it can create sustainable prevention while promoting health nutritionally, spiritually, financially, and energetically.  In other words, it will support your total well being

Published by Janice Marie