So, continuing from where I left before : This is the day I go on the Europe trip! I step out my house, get into a plane, and then landed in…

Doha, Qatar

Wait, what?

Well, you see, because of the promotion members of ISIC get when ordering airplane ticket by STA travel, I decided to use that and got a seat on Qatar Airlines. I consider myself lucky because I get to fly with the highest ranked airlines in the world for a few years! And they have a free tour program (click here for more information), so here I am, ready to explore!

And I know that there are a quite shocking incident that happened to a tourist while vacationing there recently, but in my own opinion, this short visit is still amazing :)

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I honestly didn’t have any idea of where Qatar is, and what’s on there. But this country’s capital is pretty amazing!



Qatari Police

And not a lot of people have visited this city so my hispter soul is satisfied.

lol, joke

While I said I am happy that this is still unknown, I'd say it deserve to be a holiday destination. It's well developed, it has interesting points, scenery that contrasted each other, have plan for future tourism - and it's expensive. Oops.


Pearl of Qatar

Despite being in the not really known, Doha has great plans for the future - such as hosting the World Cup 2022. Yeah, amazing right? It's now building a lot of things to keep up with the plans. The stadium for sure, hotels for supporters, and additional islands in case they run out places to built.

Um... did you say island?

Yeah, I did. Qatar is a country so rich it just build islands and infrastructure without thinking. Right now they are drowning in money and oil and continue to grow fast. In fact, the citizen here have a lot of benefit that they didn't really need money to support their life. Our tour guide (where I got all this information from) - said there are only two type of people living in Qatar - rich and very rich. The Qatarians since birth have government subsidy for water, electricity and other things that what they do with their money is hiring foreign people to do work for them, from domestic affair to their business. The immigrants - expatriate that are attracted to the money Qatarians seems to give around - have many benefits, only on a lesser degree.


Museum of Islamic Art

As of now, the capital have a few additional islands, and the bigger one are called "New Town". It's a new island full of new, futuristic buildings with perfect landscape that make us feels we are in a game of city building simulation. It's all feel so unreal! More so when we are there.
What's more unreal is how the New Town contrast the Old Town. The Old Town, say, is ... old. The building, the wall, the street style... it all looks so ancient it could very well be the shooting set of Biblical stories movies.


So first, we are brought to the place that connect the two - Pearl Harbor. Not the Pearl Harbor in history books, but Pearl Harbor as in it is a place to search for pearls in the past. It's influential enough that this city symbol is pearl.

There we can see the blue sea and across we can see the assembly of futuristic buildings - that resemble thermoses a bit. A lot of wood ships are there as they are no more used as the industry in the city change. It's like a ship's graveyard, but pretty, not depressing. It's chill and fresh, and give a feeling like it would be nice to take a walk there in the evening.

Then we are brought over to the new town, especially the new mall

The new mall, not like the other sci-fi like building in the New Town is not made of metal-reflective like material. Instead, it stick with the old material used - sand like material that are not easy to get dirty and not having the sands sticking to the outer walls due to how often sand storms is in Doha.

SAM_2850Science fiction scenery

The malls are... elite. There are a lot of expensive brands there, being displayed like it's normal goods

The interior and exterior is good, and there are yachts lining outside.


It's me pretending to be super rich, hello

Then we are going to my favorite part of the tour : Souq Waqif - a traditional market. It's on the Old Town and therefore we need to be more careful about clicking our camera away because the real Qatarians are not fond of their picture being taken. They are easily spotted though - they always sported a sorban and a long, white gown, it's pretty easy to not get them in the frame. And they usually with their family and since they have big family - 10 children a family, no wonder they need domestic assistance - well, you know.SAM_2931

There are a lot things there - souvenirs, foods stall, and money changer - all with a better rate than in the airport.

And this is where the biblical-esque scenery is found! We can see the daily activities of the locals here. They all can speak English. Completed with Qatari Police who ride white horses- it's perfect!

Now, the tour is going to end, and we spotted a private AIRPORT for the Emir - because private jet is too mainstream. We also spot some stage in the middle of the street - they are going to celebrate National Day on 18th December!

It's all my story about Doha, Qatar - a short but memorable experience. Will be glad if I can visit it again. Especially on World Cup! Cao! 

Next, touchdown Berlin~


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