We often get tired of doing a 9-5 job and this exhaustion leads to a thought of starting our own business where we can be more creative and have more freedom. All of us have business ideas and we all want to earn through our hobbies and activities that we are best at. A person who loves plants may find it fascinating to have a plant shop where he or she can spend all the time buying and caring for plants. However, what hinders this daydreaming is the successive thoughts that make us realize that starting a business requires huge investments and a lot of good management skills. These thoughts sadden us and force us to come back to our boring realities.

In present times it seems that nothing is impossible. Technology provides us with enough opportunities that we can always find a way to live our dreams if we are really willing to. If we inquire about this a little more we will come to know about the online shops and how they work. There are a plenty of online resources that can give you an idea about how can you start your own online business.

There are many books on the topic and a few are found to be really useful. The book by Thomas Wos, who is a marketing expert, successful investor, and an entrepreneur, “Onlineshops: on the road to success from the beginning” is tremendously helpful. The other researches done on the topic will teach you a number of important things about online shops and how they can be settled effectively. Thomas wrote this book and his own profile is a great source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.

With a net worth of €200 million, Thomas is navigating the real estate prospect in the Gulf. He has eyed a real opportunity in building homes in Dubai after his firm WOS Swiss Investments AG injected $20 million in a leading web-based real estate platform called Allrealestates.com. This guy is aiming to disrupt the multi-million dollar real estate industry in Dubai and has a plan for building 10,000 homes in Dubai alone by the year 2030.

Thomas’ success story serves as a great example of entrepreneurs navigating in their careers, leaping to different goals and being absolutely great at it. He is a renowned name in Europe for being an investor and entrepreneur who leads a class apart in the market with his projects.

So, here is are some insights from Thomas’ book for people who want to learn about how to set up an online business:

Host Your Own Online Website

There are a number of ways through which you can sell your stuff online. You can have a social site group on popular social networks or you can get a slot on already existing e-commerce sites like eBay. However, it is better to set up your own site because it allows you to function with more freedom and work in your own unique style.

Have a Business Model

First, you need to work on the business model in your mind and decide how you would run the business including the prices, marketing strategies, and other stuff including the categories of the products that you would be selling.

Setting up Website

After that, you need to choose a proper name along with other needed descriptions for your online shop. You also need logo professional standard pictures of your products on your website. Also, you need to buy a domain for the website and hire someone to make a website for you with a shopping cart system installed on it. Moreover, you need to take the help of a professional content writer in order to write your website’s content.

Market your website well

After doing this, you only need to market your website everywhere through different tools. You can take professional help in marketing. An online shop requires a regular and effective management to generate a good profit. 

Published by Julia Morison