My specialty and my passion is celebrity gossip. Politics also intrigue me, they always have. This election cycle is a little different though. My party has two candidates who would be superb nominees/Presidents. The other party has Donald Trump. It's easy to write him off as no threat and as someone who will easily be forgotten, but that will not be the case. Even if Donald Trump loses this election, he will not go quietly into the night. 

First the man is a businessman. There could be arguments all day about how successful he is, but the fact of the matter is he runs businesses. For that reason alone, he will not fade away like some of the other candidates do. People can hope and pray all they want to that after this, Trump's career will be over. The fact that he has well over 4 billion dollars means that even if all his other projects fail. He still has more than enough money to start another one. Although there is no way all his companies fail at the same time. That just seems to be unreasonable and something that only happens in TV dramas. 

TV is another reason why Donald won't go away or be thought of as an also-ran. Not only is The Donald an expert at keeping his name in the headlines, but he is also a bankable personality. Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, among other news outlets would pay an arm and a leg to have him as just a contributor. Not to mention if he decided to host his own show on one of those networks. Even if he is one of the most hated men on the planet, having a name means something in this economy. That will translate into a lot of money for any network that hires him. 

And remember he was the original host of The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. If he fails to win the White House, there is nothing stopping him from trying to recoup his former berth from Arnold Schwarzenegger. This would make for fireworks for the Peacock network and they need all the help in the ratings that they can get. The fact is people are fond of Trump, for some reason. 

And those people who like him will follow Trump to his next venture. His running for President has alienated some people, but has also attracted new fans. Maybe this seems a little weird but it is a fact of life.  These new fans should stick with him for the foreseeable future, which will generate a new stream of cash for him. It will also keep him from fading out of the public spotlight for a long time to come.  

Published by Ed Anderson