We've all been put in situations where we felt like our lives were over. We've all watched our dreams fall apart in front of our very eyes. So what do you do when you have lost all hope for yourself? Some turn to drinking, some turn to drugs, some may go into depression. I turned to God.

Everyone isn't going to believe and practice the same way I do. This post is judgement free. Which means you're welcome to disagree with what I write, and I won't judge you for feeling differently but I in return ask not to be judged for making this decision. Also, this post isn't meant to shame those who may not believe in a higher power or creator. Everyone is human and no one is perfect. We all view and live this life differently and that's okay.

Why the sudden Change of Heart?

Sometimes it takes us getting knocked down in order to start changing our life around. Recently my strength was tested. This certain situation I was put in really broke me down. I reached a point where I started to feel lost, helpless, and hated. I would just sit around asking "Why is this happening to me?" and wondering what I had done for this bad news to be placed upon me at a time where I felt everything was going my way. 


Suddenly, things came crashing down in a blink of an eye. I was forced to change all of the plans I made for myself. I started feeling really discouraged and eventually shut myself off from the rest of the world. I cried morning, noon, and night. This issue needed to be resolved because I didn't want to do anything I would later regret. But what do you do when no advice is good enough? When no one can really help make things better? How are you supposed to feel when your unsure what the outcome will be?

Taking your First Steps...Again


God's love is unconditional. He's forgiving, and always makes sure to welcome us in with open arms. It's never too late to start living by his word. Because of this terrible situation occurring, I decided to finally live by the saying "Let go and Let God." This means you have to trust him with your troubles and believe that he will work everything out in your favor.

Step 1: Begin your journey by praying or talking to him. Always keep it persistent, don't just call on him when you want something. Whatever is on your mind, discuss it with God. He wants a relationship with you. He's not a gossiper like some of your friends may be. He won't judge you like your family will. You won't have to worry about your secrets being told to the public. He's there to listen and help you, always. God is the best friend you always wanted and asked for! You have to put your pride aside and live by his rules. People may judge you or even become annoyed with your constant "God talk," but don't let others push you away from your father. Just like you wouldn't let people push you away from that career your passionate about, or that boy/girl you're crushing on, or your favorite food. You need to have that same ambition when building your relationship with God. 

Step 2: Read the bible. Rather it's the King James Version or The New International Version, the bible is filled with guidelines to living a happier life and being a better you. You would be amazed at how much the bible relates to real life scenarios or situations. It wasn't until I read certain stories in the bible that I realized that similar situations were happening back then, that are happening now in my era. The first book I started to read was Ephesians chapter 4. This section, in particular, stood out for me because I felt as if it was the rules on how to live and what characteristics a person should acquire.

Step 3: Start loving yourself. God made us differently on purpose. Don't compare yourself to others because we're not meant to be the same! We all were given a particular gift, a gift that nobody else has. We have to learn to control our hearts and  those negative thoughts. Get rid of the negativity; that's nothing but the devil trying to deceive you into thinking something horrible. Try to fill your heart with forgiveness. How can we ask God for forgiveness when we don't practice forgiveness ourselves? Be kind and humble. Your mouth should be filled with sweetness and your words should be gentle. Do your best to respect and care for yourself: this includes taking care of yourself inside and outside. Don't let in anything toxic that will harm your well-being. 


  You have to WANT to change. There's nothing I or anyone else can say to change you. Believe me when I say that you can do anything you put your mind to, especially with God on your side! So don't ever sell yourself short. Ever since I started my journey to knowing God, there's been a strength pulled out of me that I never knew existed. My eyes have been opened up to things that I couldn't see before. Do your best not to give up when things are falling apart, instead tell yourself that "This too shall pass." My attitude has slowly started to change and my thinking process has advanced tremendously. I love who i'm becoming and i'm not ashamed to say I LOVE GOD. 

"You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness." Ephesians4:22-24

Published by Becoming Iyanla