I’m about 2 Mins away from flipping my wig, I never felt so guilty, remorseful, or helpless.

          I’m checking my websites, emails, blogs, etc. & I come across a poem titled with a question. Now  that I’m thinking about it, I set myself up for that one. I’m the queen of questions, especially those no one has an answer to. That amuses me.

Any who, the writer starts going down this list of WHY’S, for some odd reason I’m intrigued with why question’s. Not so much the why but the answer. She’s clearly been or, hopefully not at all, by someone close to her she loves enough to stay. I started getting teary eyed when she questioned why she’s hurting and they don’t care and can’t help? I wanted to comment and ask



WHEN? I go through sh*t, we all do, but as I woman, I could only imagine what she’s going through to make her feel that way. I’ve felt that way and the emotional pain hurts worse than anything. I’ve had a ROUGH a*s morning and they may contribute to me worrying but she hit home when asking she asked why she couldn’t love or hate.




 I’m over WHY & SORRY from people who don’t mean it. I;ve accepted so many Sorry’s I thought it was a word. I understand the scene at the end of for Colored Girls. Omg I’m 21 should I be understanding this yet, lol Maybe so, What’s someone else’s sorry doing for me? I always tell people they don’t have to apologize and I’m honestly mean it. My Aunt & her son tilts his day, they don’t say you’re not a sorry person sorry, Say I apologized.


I hope I didn’t come off weird, but I read a few of their blogs and they’re HURTING. I mean bad enough, I feel it. I left an encouraging, little message but I hope things work out for her. No one deserves to endure so much.

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