Hi Lovelies, this will be my Monday motivation to you. ‘DON’T BECOME THE PERSON WHO HURT YOU.’

We’ve all gone through first love relationship. Or being in a relationship where you loved someone too much that you couldn’t see yourself with another person. Even though they mess up, you were ready to forgive and take them back. It has happened to most of us.

It gets to a point that you promise yourself that you will never love again. All you do is play games and even though ‘the right person’ comes your way, you don’t see it because you are caught up the ‘gone-love situation’. You don’t want to let go. 

Thinking that sleeping with countless women or men, will hurt that person who hurt you. No, it doesn’t. They have moved on and most probably, not thinking about you.

This has been a story of my life and I know I made someone somewhere be in this situation too, because I was hurt and I never cared much about my next victim(s). If you reading this, am sorry. 

The pain could have come from all direction, from any direction; your family, your husband, your wife, your close friend, your girlfriend or your boyfriend….the list goes on.

My advice goes out to any kind of pain you’ve felt because you gave love.

Don’t let someone who doesn’t love you correctly take away the hope and desire to find a new love, a better love. 

Don’t give up on love because you were hurt, don’t become the person who hurt you to someone else. It’s not fair to you or to them because your heart will heal, maybe not wholly or quickly, but someone will love you again. They will love all the broken pieces of you that you’ve worked so hard at putting back together, and you will love them back.

Don’t let who broke you change how you love. Don’t let it change how you feel towards others. Don’t let it change how you feel when you’re falling in love. Don’t let it change the passion you felt in your heart before you were broken.

And please, don’t let it change who you are because you are not who broke you, you are better than that. You learn from it.

You can he hateful, you can be cold and dark, but the only person you are hurting is yourself. You are hurting your chances at love, you are hurting your future chances at healing and happiness. 

Don’t be mad at who hurt you, don’t hold grudges and certainly don’t change your heart because of what happened to you.

Be you, be completely and unashamedly you, and always know that love wins and you will have your happy ending.

Blessed Monday, Blessed Week


Published by Doreen Eshinali