Everyone dreads the day they have to go back to work after a long weekend.  Well I am one of them and I am sure you are one of them too.  Luckily for me I don’t have a full time job, and so my day is not so strenuous.  But there is a list of things that can make that day a little more difficult.  Fun drinks. Check.  BBQ. Check.  Friends an parties. Check. Sun, lots of sun. Check. Sports. Check. What can make the fourth of July weekend more American. 

The weekend started with a baseball game. My friend’s boyfriend plays for the single A minor league team. It made me miss dating a pro athlete. It was a good time, singing and dancing, and cheering on the team, and drinking beer and just having out. The next day we started the day off with brunch with the girls.  Mimosas, good food, and good conversation. What more can you ask for? Then it was time to get naked. Okay, not fully naked but down in our swim suits. We were just trying to mind our own business but these guys kept on creeping closer to us.  They said they had girlfriends but they weren’t acting like it.  One of the guys was starstruck in a sense by my friend of I because he has heard of my friend’s boyfriend who plays baseball and my ex-boyfriend who also was an athlete.  It was weird.  We finally left because it was getting weird and they were trying to set a “play date” with us.  That night we had the gang together and lit fireworks and had a barbecue. The next day we went to a water park since it was so hot.  Waterslides and a mock wipeout course.  It was so awesome, it made me feel like a kid again.

It was a adventurous and perfectly American filled forth of July.  But now you could see why I am dreading the work day.  
What was the highlight of your week, making you wish you didn’t have work?

Published by Lauren Emi