My brother has a shirt that says,

“Don’t Fear Failure, Fear Mediocrity”

Most of us, whether we want to admit it or not, experience fear. We fear many things, from the safety of our own lives to the possibility of losing everything in our future. Most of the time, that fear arises when a choice is given to us. A choice of whether to change or remain the same, a choice of whether to experience something new or stay in our own comfortable circle, a choice of whether to take the risk or stay safe.

Because we fear change, we fear to get out of our comfort zones, we fear the uncertainties that lie ahead, we fear the failure that might come.

But we need to know that failure shouldn’t be feared instead, it should be revered because only through failure can one learn and improve. Therefore, what we need to fear instead is mediocrity, to fear of staying the same, unchanging, stagnant.

Most of us settle for mediocrity, we settle for being average, a part of the crowd even though, deep within, we have the potential to achieve so much more. The fear of failure binds us, paralyses us to remain the same, to be mediocre.

But that shouldn’t be the case anymore.

Because there are now so many examples of people overcoming that fear of failure and achieve great successes. People that were once paralysed by it now love to fail. People that now understood the importance of fearing mediocrity instead of failure because if you want to be different and if you want to truly stand out, we need to know what we should really fear.



Published by Mohamad Hakim